As you can see being a stunman gets you involved in many different and exciting projects.

Title   Role
Stan Lee's Lucky Man3      Ep8 Sky Doubled: Darren Boyd: Driving
Stan Lee's Lucky Man3      Ep7 Sky Doubled: Darren Boyd: Stunt Driver
Stan Lee's Lucky Man3      Ep4 Sky Stunt Driver - Bus Double Decker
Stan Lee's Lucky Man3      Ep2 Sky Stunt Driver - Pick-Up Crash
Dizzee Rascal - 'Bop N Keep It Dippin' Music Stunts - Dive Through Window
Stan Lee's Lucky Man3      Ep2 Sky Stunt Driver - 7.5 Ton Truck
1921 Film Stunt/ Safety Rigger
Yardie Film  Stunt Driver
Rellik     Ep4 TV  Doubled: Kieran Bew
The City & The City     Ep 2,3,4 BBC Character Role: Yorjavic - Dialog
Hard Sun     Ep1 TV Stunt Performer: Car Drag
BBC Worldwide Showcase 2017 Corp Stunt Performer: High Falls Box Rig
Will TV  Stunt Performer: Safe House Raid 
Accident Man Film Stunt Driver: Car Slide Crash - Dialog
Will TV Stunt Performer: Riot Scene
The Bromley Boys Film Safety Rigger
Goodbye Christopher Robin Film Doubled: Domhnall Gleeson: Driving
Guerrilla TV Stunt Performer: Riot Police
Wretch 32 - 'Liberation' Music Stunt Performer: Full Fire Burn
Kingsman: The Golden Circle Film  Precision Driver: New Routemaster Bus
One Of Us BBC Precision Articulated Lorry Driver
Don't Look Down Docu Doubled Richard Branson
The Crown     Ep4 Netflix Stunt Rider: Vintage Motorcycle 52 AJS
Cuffs     Ep7 BBC Stunt Driver: T-Bone Pick-up Crash
Emmerdale  ITV Doubled Jeff Hordley: Fire Work
Stratton Film Stunt Driver: Pick-Up Truck Jump
Nick Brewer ft Bibi 'Talk To Me'      Music Precision Driver: BMW 325i
The Huntsman Film Stunt Performer: Freya Guard
Late Shift Film Precision Driver: BMW i8 BMW & X5M
Me Before You Film Doubled Sam Claflin: Electric Chair
Midsomer Murders XVIII ITV Doubled Steve Evets: Water Dunking
Stan Lee's Lucky Man


Stunt Rider: Bulgarian Pick Pocket
Emmerdale ITV Doubled Michael Parr: 65ft High Fall
Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands ITV Stunt Performer: Fall to Box Rig
Bad Education The Movie Film Stunt Performer: Cornish Fisherman
The Tunnel2 Sky Character Role: Giovanni - Dialog
Level Up Film Doubled Josh Bowman: Stunt Rider
London Has Fallen Film Stunt Performer: Passerby
Cuffs     Ep3 BBC Stunt Performer: Motorbike Pillion
Safe House     Ep4 TV Stunt Driver: Doubled Peter Ferdinando
Gholam Film Precision Driver: Doubled Shahab Hosseini
Spotless      Ep6 TV Precision Rider: Motorbike Courier
Burnt Film Precision Rider: Doulbed Bradley Cooper
Evolution Short Stunt Rigger/ Performer: Jerk Forward
Lengend Film Stunt Performer: 1960's Policeman
Da Vinci's Demons     Ep1/2 TV Stunt Performer: Sword Work
Dracula Untold - Add Photo Film Stunt Performer: Additional Photography
Pan Film Stunt Performer: Climbing Miner
Altar Film Doubled Matthew Modine: Fall from Window
Paddington Film Stunt Driver: Car T-Bone Doubled Matt King
The Man from U.N.C.L.E Film Utility Stunts/ Truck Driver
The Game BBC Stunt Driver: Old Route Master Bus
Emmerdale ITV Car Knockdown: Doubled Michael Parr
DCI Banks ITV Stunt Driver: Crash into wall
Lyanya - Le Kwa Ukwu Music Camera Tracking Vehicle Driver
Squat Film Presicion Driver: Fight Scene Sword
1 - Nenokkadine Film Stunt Performer: Passerby Bag Grab
Edge of Tomorrow - add photo Film Stunt Performer: Military Policeman
Get Loud Music Camera Tracking Vehicle Driver
Your Turn Britain - Jaguar Intro Camera Tracking Vehicle Driver
One Chance Film Precision Driver: Double Decker Bus
Red2 Film Stunt Performer: Russian Solder
Vikings - A King's Ransom TV Stunt Performer: Viking Fight
Triumph Motorbikes Brochure Camera Tracking Vehicle Driver
Hunted     Ep3 TV Stunt Fight: Security Guard
The Ashes Promo TV Camera Tracking Vehicle Driver
Skyfall Film Stunt Performer: Passerby Underground
Charlotte Devaney ft Snoop Music Camera Tracking Vehicle Driver
Shrey Music Camera Tracking Vehicle Driver
Line of Duty     Ep5 BBC Stunt Driver: Tipper Truck, Cars

The Dark Night Rise


Squat Policeman, Explosion

Sherlock Holmes 2 Film Doubled Jared Harris
X-Men: First Class Film Fire Arms: Mutant Agent
Miranda BBC Customer Gets Knock Down
Podaa Podi Film  Stunt Fight: Played Mike - Dialog
Ruddy Hell! It's Harry & Paul TV  Safety Rigger: Securing Principal Actors
The Cut     Ep27/28 BBC Safety Rigger: Securing Principal Actors
Mutant Chronicles Film Stunt Utility: Explosions, Fights, Trampet
Three and Out Film Safety Rigger: Securing Principal Actors
Jamie at Home Ident Fire: Prepared Burn & Ignite
W Delta Z Film Stair Fall: Doubled Stellan Skarsgard
Rearview Film Stunt Driver: Collision
Blue Murder - Series III Ep2 ITV Stunt Driver: Single Decker Bus
Jamies School Dinner Ident Stunt Rider: Pizza Delivery Boy
Spooks 5 BBC Stair Fall, Fight: Kid Napper
Low Winter Sun TV film Murdered man
Where the Heart Is - SeriesX Ep9 ITV Stunt Coach Driver: Crash Gate/Wall
Hollyoaks: Crossing the Line C4 Aerial Stunts: Abseiling Doubled Stuart Manning
Grownups  BBC Stunt Rider: Rode Down Steps Into Canal
Dalziel and Pascoe - Glory Days BBC Stunt Rider: Chasing Paparazzi
The Bill     Ep314 ITV Stunt Rider: Honda XR400 w Pillion
Grange Hill BBC Precision Driver: Dustcart Truck Driver
The Bill ITV Stunt Fall: Played Jason
Iraq - Bloody Circus Ident Utility Stunts: Explosions Shoot Soldier
Class of 76 TV Stunt Driver: Articulated lorry
The Bill ITV Stunt Rider: KTM 250 EXC
Waking the Dead - Series V BBC Fight: Doubled James Bowers
The Bill     Ep370/1 ITV Stunt Rider: Doubled Gary Lucy
Faith TV film Stunt Performer: Coal Miner
The Bill ITV Doubled Gary Lucy
Auf Wiedersehen, Pet BBC Rode Articulated Trike: Hit By Pickup
The Bill ITV Stunt Rider: Doubled
Hollyoaks C4 Stunt Driver: Into Pedestrian
EastEnders BBC Stunt Driver: Knock Down Doubled James Alexander
Playing the Field - Series V BBC Stunt Driver: Hand Brake Turn
The Bill ITV Stunt Rider: Yamaha MT-01 1600
Dalziel and Pascoe - Series VII BBC Stunt Fall - Knocked to Ground
Hollyoaks: Indecent Behaviour C4 Stunt Driver: Road Rage Driver
Mersey Beat     Ep2 TV Stunt Driver: Old Land Rover
Hollyoaks: Movin'on C4 High Fall: Doubled James Redmond
The Fourth Angel Film Precsiosn Driver: Military Vehicles, Emergency Slides
The Mummy Returns Film

Fire Arms, Explosions: Red turban